Alex Armbruster
Canadian Stuntman/Stunt Actor who played the killer “John Carver” in THANKSGIVING (2023) has performed in over 100 feature productions ranging from a large number of big budget superhero films to popular action shows. In the horror genre, Alex has performed stunts in JIGSAW (2017), POLTERGEIST (2015), IT CHAPTER TWO (2019), RESIDENT EVIL WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY (2021), WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (2020), THE STRAIN (2014), and HANNIBAL (2014) among others.
Karen Cliche
Another Canadian gracing this years hit THANKSGIVING (2023) with one of the most original and talked about death scenes in recent years, Karen has enjoyed acting in feature productions in both film and television since 1999. Previously appearing in another successful modern horror franchise as “Shelby” of SAW VI (2009), she’s memorable as one of the more “Is she deserving, is she not” victims of the Jigsaw Killer’s game.

While most of her credit list lies outside the horror genre, Karen still found time to be surround by vampires, mutants and werewolves in BIG WOLF ON CAMPUS (1999), VAMPIRE HIGH (2001), and MUTANT X (2003).

Robert Brian Wilson
Robert starred as “Billy”, the deranged killer Santa in the timeless holiday slasher classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (1984) which although a financial success was pulled from theatres after only one week due to controversy about it’s content and promotional images. Due to it’s well-deserved cult status, the film launched a series of sequels as the most frequently released 80s and 90s Christmas horror franchise.

Outside the horror genre, Robert also appeared on a number of popular 1980’s prime time shows including a recurring character on SANTA BARBARA (1984).

Alyssa Sutherland
An actress and fashion model known for creating quite memorable characters as her brilliant deadite performance in EVIL DEAD RISE (2023) clearly shows. Before heading up this latest installment of the wonderful EVIL DEAD franchise, Alyssa was already very well known to viewers in her standout lead role as Queen Aslaug in the hit series VIKINGS (2013) and also starred in the cult favorite tv adaptation of THE MIST (2017) among many other productions. As a model she’s worked with major fashion designers and photographers and graced many covers and campaigns worldwide.
Kassie DePaiva
Actor/producer Kassie DePaiva is best known to horror fans worldwide as Bobby Joe in EVIL DEAD II (1987) and her role as the mother who kicks it all off in WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (2013). For those viewers still watching the screen when the sun is up, soap opera fans will easily recognize Kassie from her very long running daytime TV career on ONE LIVE TO LIVE (1968), then followed by DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1965) that’s spanned 30 years and well over 1000 episode appearances from 1993 to now.
Mark Torgl
Beloved by Troma fans for his iconic appearance as Melvin Junko, the hapless janitor who transforms into Toxie himself in the very first THE TOXIC AVENGER (1984) film, Mark is also a producer of several films and has been an editor for both film and television. TOXIC AVENGER was actually his 2nd Herz/Kaufman role and in the years since, he has returned to his roots in several Troma projects, including CITIZEN TOXIE: TOXIC AVENGER IV (2000) and
RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL 2 (2017). Mark also recently appeared alongside a host of other Troma stars and Kaufman himself in the fun indie horror mockumentary THE ONCE AND FUTURE SMASH (2022).
Dana DeLorenzo
An actress, writer and producer who shines both at action and comedy, Dana was perfectly cast as ASH VS EVIL DEAD (2015)’s own “Kelly Maxwell”, the foul-mouthed demon-slaying sidekick to Bruce Campbell’s “Ash”. The role won her consecutive nominations from the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards plus another iHorror Award nomination for Best Actress in a Horror Series. In 2018, Dana received the Artemis Women in Action Next Wave award which celebrates Women In Stunts and cemented her status as an action star to watch.

Recently returning as “Kelly” in EVIL DEAD: THE GAME (2022), she also appeared in the fun dark comedy THE DISAPPEARANCE OF TOBY BLACKWOOD (2022) and has lent her talents to a wide variety of feature projects in recent years including WILL & GRACE (2018) and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (2017).

Ray Santiago
Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, Ray Santiago was both a television and feature film star of all genres before becoming known as “Pablo” in ASH VS EVIL DEAD (2018), Ash Williams’ co-worker and “El Brujo Especial” in-training. Since his first film appearance at the age of 12 alongside Michelle Rodriguez in GIRLFIGHT (2000), New York native Ray has been acting consistently opposite major talent and proven himself quite adept in comedy horror roles, not only in the EVIL DEAD franchise, but in films such as SUBURBAN GOTHIC (2014) and TONE DEAF (2019). In other horror TV, Ray has appeared in episodes of DEXTER (2008) and starred in the premiere episode of the popular web horror series, INTO THE DARK (2018). He was also a guest judge on THE BOULET BROTHERS’ DRAGULA and even stopped in for a SVENGOOLIE (1995) in 2019.
Very fondly known by horror fans as first to play the role of prom queen bad girl turned supernatural killer, Mary Lou Maloney in HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II, Lisa Schrage is another Canadian native talent who has appeared in films and television all across the globe.

Universally recognized as vastly superior to the original franchise entry, PROM NIGHT II boasts some of the best kills and remarkable special effects of the period, elevating it closer to a ELM STREET style slasher than the more straightforward style of the previous which harkens to be a FRIDAY or HALLOWEEN. Lisa’s performance as Mary Lou is no exception as the character she created opposite Michael Ironside’s Billy is easily the most memorable of the series and considered by many to be long overdue for revisiting on screen. While she didn’t return for the direct sequel, THE LAST KISS, HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II remains the most popular of all six outings to this day.

Before continuing her career with more dramatic roles in many movie and tv appearances, she managed to find time for the occasional chiller including a very fun big mutant rat creature feature, GNAW: FOOD OF THE GODS II (1989), and tv appearances on notable series such as THE TWILIGHT ZONE (1985) and ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS (1985).

Calgary Horrorcon is proud to have brought these fine guests to our city and made them honorary Calgarians through Calgary Tourism’s Official White Hat Ceremony. Appearing as Featured Celebrity Guests at a previous Calgary Horrorcon, we are privileged to have each of these esteemed actors and film makers share their experiences with us and our local horror fans.
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